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Lightweight and easy to shape, expanded polymers (EPS, EPP and EPE) are materials frequently used as a weight reduction solution.

Weight reduction

Lightweight fill is one of EPS’ lesser known applications. Huge blocks of white Geofoam can be up to 80 times lighter than a regular backfill. They are the ideal solution to compressible soils, unsteady slopes and retaining walls. The expanded polymer found in the Geofoam blocks is a material that is inert in the ground. It has been estimated that it will remain stable for periods of over a hundred years. Geofoam blocks can also contain up to 15  % of recycled material, thus contributing to the sustainable development of our infrastructures.

EPS is also used to reduce the weight of concrete by incorporating tiny beads of expanded polystyrene to the mixture. This technology opens a door to a new world of possibilities, where a lightweight structure, with a moderate strength, between concrete and EPS, is required. Lightweight concrete structures allow for the installation of screw anchors such as those used for wood.


Expanded polymers (EPS, EPP, EPE) possess resilient and structural properties that can be customized. The lightweight packaging produced from these expanded plastics are designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of merchandise. EPS also contributes to the weight reduction of freight, which helps improve fuel economy and reduce air pollution.

EPS can also replace heavier materials (wood, metal, hard plastics) in the production of sturdy components, in situations where the mechanical loads are low. Higher density foam can often enable new efficient and economic possibilities.

Movie sets

Theater, movies and studio sets, as well as stores window displays, are often made out of expanded polystyrene blocks or panels.

Because they are easy to cut and sculpt, lightweight and affordable, blocks and sheets of EPS are the ideal material for temporary installations.

The finished pieces can also be covered with acrylic coatings to increase their durability in applications such as banners and billboards.

Polymos’ expertise in the moulding and cutting of polystyrene foam enables for the very precise shaping and fitting of the pieces, to match any specifications. The pieces produced can easily be incorporated into furniture, floors, ceilings and any other building components, combining a lightweight structure, sustainability and aesthetic.


  • Enables creative designs
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut and sculpt
  • Easy to paint or coat
  • Available in massive blocks (16 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft)
  • Low cost
  • Flame retardant
  • Reusable and recyclable