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Our wide selection of Seapak® containers offers an effective and economical solution to secure the cold chain that guarantees the freshness of food until its arrival to the market. In addition, their featherweight helps lower the cost of shipping as well as the fuel consumption.

Moulded from food grade expanded polystyrene (EPS), Seapak® are perfect for the transportation of seafood both fresh or frozen, meat, cheese, ice cream and any other heat sensitive food.

Because of the insulating properties of EPS, Seapak® require less ice than other types of insulating packaging, such as cardboard boxes.

Polymos’ Seapak® containers made from EPS keep food at a steady temperature up to twice as long as a dedicated cardboard box. Seapak® have been THE most efficient solution for the transportation of fresh fish for over 40 years.

Fresh fish was formerly placed in a rigid plastic container with a bag of ice on the top and then inserted into a standard cardboard box. Costly, complex and inefficient, this method was not appreciated by fishmongers as they were the ones who had to suffer important losses. Seapak® containers appeared as THE optimum solution to maintain seafood’s freshness until it reaches the consumer.

Nowadays, EPS boxes enable the transportation of fresh fish by plane, from everywhere in the world.


  • High performance thermal insulation
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Airtight
  • Wide selection, over 25 models available
  • In stock on a continuous basis
  • Stackable and interlocking pattern
  • Drainage ribs, optional on certain models
  • Strapping grooves
  • Low price
  • Additional accessories available (plastic bags, outside cardboard boxes and gel packs)
  • And also, EPS does not rot!

Seapak® are a very energy efficient solution.

So, at equal insulating value, the Seapak® is cheaper and lighter than carboard boxes.

At equal thickness, Seapak® offers a superior thermal performance than carboard boxes.

EPS is therefore a better choice to reduce energy consumption, air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emission, weigh and cost of packaging products.

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