EPS is 100 % recyclable

  • EPS can be shredded and reintroduced into new EPS products
  • EPS can be densified 20 to 30 times and transported economically to recyclers
  • EPS can be melted and recycled into mouldable pellets for new products
  • EPS can be shredded and mixed to agricultural land to lighten the soil
  • EPS can be shredded and used as a stuffing material
  • Shredded EPS can also be used as a loose fill insulating material

Many users of EPS packaging such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Ikea and Best Buy are proactive in the recycling chain of EPS. They are environmental partners who support the use of EPS for its exceptional performance and its environmental advantages.


Map of all recycling points in North America:




When recycling processes are not available, EPS can be compacted in landfills or burned efficiently in modern incinerators.

  • EPS is environmentally inert; it’s a stable and insoluble product
  • It does not break down into multiple contaminants
  • When buried, it does not deteriorate into toxic waste
  • When burned efficiently it will supply a high amount of energy

Biodegradable or sustainable product?

Quite a few myths are conveyed about biodegradable products.

However, what happens to the leftover wastes, after a biodegradable product is transformed?

  • It is believed that the perfect biodegradable product is 100 % natural, without any form of industrial manipulation, like an apple or a leaf
  • However, when there is chemical manipulation and industrial processing as with paper, cardboard, cleaning products, etc., the deterioration leaves chemical traces in the environment. Chemical compounds separate and can contaminate water, air and soil.
  • We must therefore make sure that the products buried are either natural or chemically inert in the ground. Most plastics, including EPS, EPP and EPE, are inert products. They do not break down into components that are harmful for the environment.

In conclusion:

  • Most plastic products and materials can be recycled!
  • If local recycling infrastructures have not been established, the disposal of plastic products in landfill is perfectly safe and effective!