Reusable coolers and containers standard and custom.

Thanks to its insulating properties, the reusable cooler is ideal for the safe transportation of food which are sensitive to temperature variations. In addition to being light and robust, it provides extended thermal protection which allows deliveries over long distances. Composed of 96% air and a 100% recyclable material, it is also washable and reusable, allowing it to be used in a circular economy. Its environmental footprint is minimal and it represents a most ecological packaging solution.

  • Insulation

  • Structural

  • Light

Food Industries

Thanks to their insulating and structural properties, reusable food containers are the perfect solution for transporting prepared menus, fish, meat and perishable products. The containers can be perfectly adapted for food sensitive to temperature variations and for long-distance transport.

  • Standard and custom products.
  • Different colors available.
X3210P cooler

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At Polymos, we are a team of expert that offers innovative solutions to a multitude of industries and customers based on the quality of our expanded plastic products and from our know-how in product and process engineering.

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Transportation of perishable goods

Meal kits, Fish, seafood, meats, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods freshly picked or even frozen are protected against thermal and mechanical shocks.

Custom products

Polymos specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom coolers. Here is an example of products we manufacture for our customer Goodfood.

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