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Maintaining a cold chain can be quite a challenge in terms of logistics when it comes to the transportation of thermosensitive products.

The engineers at Polymos possess the thermodynamics expertise that allows them to come up with optimal solutions where a strict cold chain regulation is required, regardless of the road or the season. Based on algorithms developed by Polymos, the isothermal packaging are engineered by combining insulating EPS containers with a refrigerant in summer or an absorbent in winter. Laboratory tests validate the functionality of each new packaging design for their specific requirements.

The rigorous use of this custom-made composite packaging guarantees that the ideal conditions will be maintained within the required temperature range specified for each product. Whatever the temperature range, such as 36 °F to 46 °F (2 °C to 8 °C) for vaccines, our solutions guarantee that the cold chain will be maintained for the requested period of travel time.

Whether it’s for the transportation of vaccines, or of living organs and tissues, the health industry relies on Polymos to design and supply a product that maintains a rigorous cold chain.

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