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  • Protection
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Parts of hockey goaltenders pads.

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  • Objective: Improve the performance of hockey goaltender pads and maintaining a high level of mobility by keeping a low mass.
  • Challenge: Reduce the weight and the water absorption of the pads while ensuring the absorption of energy to reduce puck rebounds.
  • Solutions:
    • Use a moulded part of EPE, a very resilient, lightweight and hydrophobic material to replace the core of the pad
    • Perfect match of the part with the other components
    • Easy installation of design-integrated moulding anchors
    • Optimize the density to absorb the energy of hockey pucks flying at more than 100 mph (160 km/h)
    • Efficient shock absorption to avoid injuries
  • Result: The ultra-lightweight pads allow the goaltenders to move faster and make more saves. The EPE core remains dry, so light throughout the game, and its high resilience helps absorb shocks efficiently.

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