Quebec's worst drivers

  • Light
  • Resilient
  • Structural
  • Stage sets

Decor elements and impact obstacles, needed for filming a TV show.

  • ObjectiveSupply the Zone 3 production team with lightweight, stable obstacles that will induce car accidents without consequences while providing an entertaining television show: Quebec's french version of "Canada's worst drivers".
  • Challenge:
    • Supply large format shapes meant to be used as lightweight and fragile obstacles, allowing collisions with the vehicles on obstacle courses, without causing any damage.
    • Design stable obstacles, solid enough to resist to the wind and to handling, but also fragile enough for the collisions.
    • Create different shapes and sizes obstacles, but with the same properties.
    • Provide good television entertainment.
    •  Create a new design reference for this kind of product.
  • Solutions:
    • Thickness is important to ensure good stability and solidity.
    • Low density EPS parts that will break upon collision.
    • Recycled material incorporated to minimize costs.
    • Addition of latex paint for identification.
  • Result: A client extremely satisfied with the performance of the obstacle course and of the result on television. Who would have thought that objects made of 98 % air could be turned into a harmless, yet entertaining obstacle course?

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