• Construction

Insulating EPS panels are moulded from small plastic beads, containing 98 % air after expansion. EPS is a safe material to use; it is fire retardant, water resistant and odourless. It does not contain any CFC and will not decay with time. It is a recyclable material.


EPS is an efficient and affordable alternative to other insulating materials such as: glass-wool, sprayed urethane and (XPS) extruded polystyrene planks that are generally blue or pink.

Thanks to its impressive properties, EPS is the perfect material to produce an efficient insulating product. It is affordable, sturdy, safe, as well as easy to use and to install. It provides the best value for the money, no matter what level of insulation is required.

Insulating EPS products come in different shapes and sizes:

  • Rectangular (4 ft x 8 ft) or custom dimensions, insulating panels with multiple thicknesses
  • Insulated concrete forms (ICF) such as Keps and Fox Blocks' for building’s walls
  • Structural Insulation Panels for prefabricated stud walls (SIP)
  • Exterior Insulation and Finishing Panels (EIFS)
  • HD400: Ship lap, high density structural panels, for road insulation

Polymos’ expertise at your disposal.


Combined with the exceptional properties of expanded resins, the extent of Polymos’ expertise includes the know-how developed since 1969 with a multitude of insulation projects.

Whether insulating floors, walls, roofs or ceilings, against heat or cold, or protecting heat sensitive products in the pharmaceutical and food industries, Polymos has a broad expertise to help designers in their quest for insulating solutions.

Being excellent insulating materials, waterproof, lightweight, resilient and impact resistant, expanded polymer can also be fire retardant and antistatic if required. 

Moulded or cut from blocks, Polymos will shape ideas with foam:

  • Foundations - Panels with or without a membrane
  • Insulated concrete forms (ICF) such as Keps and Fox Blocks
  • Wall & roof panels
  • Insulating plank & strips for garage doors, window and door sills, etc.
  • Green roof, lightweight architecture
  • Ekösteps: Sub floor insulating tile between concrete slab and ceramic or laminate flooring
  • Ekö-RAD: Radon collecting Insulation panels, installed prior to casting the slab
  • hD275 & HD400: High density (HD) ship lap insulating panels for: Parkings, sidewalks, ice rinks, refrigerated wharehouse, amphitheaters, arenas, schools, etc.