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Designed and made in Canada, Polymos' Ekö-RAD tile will ensure safety and peace of mind by channeling away radon from your new construction.

RADON. Harmful radioactive gas and highly carcinogen. Radon is present in all soil and infiltrates homes.

Disturbing statistics:

  • 16 % of lung cancers are linked to radon gas
  • Radon is the 2nd cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking
    • 1 in 20: Risk for a non-smoker developing lung cancer
    • 1 in 3: Risk for a non-smoker developing lung cancer

Canalisation radon-EN

Ekö-RAD was especially made to ventilate radon. Made of EPS, the Ekö-RAD tile is a great insulator (R-11.1), providing a superior comfort and minimizing heat loss and thereby heating costs.

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The Ekö-RAD replaces 4 in (100 mm) of granular material and is installed on the remaining granular material. Each tile has a shiplap, cutting the thermal bridges between the tiles. Once all the Ekö-RAD tiles are in place, a 6 mil vapour barrier is installed and the concrete slab can be cast.

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