Teamwork, Respect, Learning, Changes, Intrapreneurship, Achievements, Discipline, Integrity, Transparency

Our mission: Growing together

Our wealth: Our employees

In order to reach our current level of success and insure our future growth, Polymos can count on a competent and qualified team. Thanks to their excellence and their involvement in all our projects, our employees distinguish themselves and play an important part in Polymos’ success.



Collective RRSPs - Collective insurances - Pay equity - Stable shedules - Remarkable Employer certification

A selection of social benefits, including a collective RRSP with the employer’s contribution, group insurance as well as Polymos days off, complete our compensation plan.

Polymos believes in equity in terms of employment and compensation and tries to maintain a qualified and diversified workforce.

To promote a healthy and safe working environment with enjoyable working relations, different joint committees have been established: employees’ committee, SST committee, leisure and health committee, internal & electronic newsletter, etc.

Different means of communications are being used and are made available to the employees, allowing us to keep an ear out, to inform, to increase our efficiency and to innovate: meetings with management, bulletin boards, suggestion box, department meetings, etc.

All our employees benefit from a stable working schedule and bonuses are granted for the evening and night shifts.

Since 2006, Polymos has joined in the 0-5-30 Combinaison Prévention program. We encourage our employees and their family to take care of themselves by adopting healthy living habits.

Polymos is the first corporation in the region of Vaudreuil-Soulanges to have received the  Remarkable Employer certification from the BNQ (Bureau de Normalisation du Québec).



Customized training - Technical training - Continuous training - Improvement

Our employees’ skills and knowledge are crucial to our success. Because many of our processes and technologies are specific to our industry, we invest in the growth of our team through customized training. As an employee of the company, you also have the possibility of perfecting your skillset by receiving training from different specialized institutions.