• Waterproof

Being very light and floating easily, expanded polymers are very efficient when it comes to stay afloat, whether it is for people or objects.

In the field of water sports and leisure, expanded resins (EPS, EPP and EPE) are efficient buoyancy components found in boats, jet skis, life-vests, lifebuoys and other nautical accessories, thanks to their wide range of properties.

Expanded polymers also offer floating solutions used in:

  • Level gauges
  • Drainage systems
  • Floating docks
  • Floating components for watercrafts
  • Floating accessories for boats and pools
  • Water resistant cushions
  • And others…

EPS, EPP and EPE are closed-cells materials that are water resistant. This characteristic is crucial to the production of weatherproof seats and cushions. Soft EPE cushions do not soak up water, providing a more efficient alternative to the usual sponge foam padding that absorbs water.