Certifications & prevention

ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001, Polymos has called upon the NQA firm (National Quality Assurance) as a registrar for this engagement to a high quality process.

Polymos endorses the principles and is certified C-TPAT

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a commercial custom trade safety program. It takes the form of a voluntary certification thanks to which all participants in the supply chain cooperate with the American customs (CBP – Customs Border Protection) to institute safe methods in each of their operating steps, addressing the safety preoccupations towards weapons, drugs, money or “terrorist” individuals, that go with the importation of merchandise from the United States.

Remarkable Employer (Certified)

Polymos is very proud to have received the Remarkable Employercertification. In fact, the company meets one of the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec) norms on the evaluation of the company by its employees. The latter answered an internal, confidential questionnaire that covers multiple topics and must meet very strict criteria.

0-5-30 Health and prevention

Put forth by the government of Quebec, the 0-5-30 program aims to encourage and improve healthy life habits in people.

The combination of the recommendations of the 0-5-30 program concerns three daily habits: smoking, adopt a healthy and active lifestyle including the consumption of at least portions of fruits or vegetables and do at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

Polymos actively participates in this program by offering different activities that stimulate physical activity and healthy eating.

The Charter of the French Language

Polymos possesses a francization certificate awarder by the OQLF (The Charter of the French Language) testifying that the company conforms to the objectives of the Charter.

The OQLF defends the place of the French language in Quebec, and more specifically, insures that the Charter of the French Language is respected and elaborates the francization programs prescribed by the law. Its missions are dictated by the Charter of the French Language.