• Insulation

Expanded polymers are excellent insulating material and have numerous applications.

Because EPS is closed cell material, made of 98 % air, it provides excellent insulation properties. EPS is a choice material when temperature regulation is required. It will not deteriorate with time, maintaining its insulating value (R value) throughout its installation. 

Whether it is under a concrete slab, in a driveway, in flooring, in walls, in roofing or in any other application, the efficiency and the durability of expanded polystyrene (EPS) make it the perfect insulating material.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) maintains a steady R value through time, even after many years of freeze/thaw cycles.

Finally, the insulating properties of the air contained in EPS also helps maintain the cold chain when temperature stability is critical as in the transportation of vaccines, fresh fish, vegetables and other perishable goods. EPS containers enable safe transportation without the use of freezer trucks.