Environmental policy

Vision and Values

At Polymos, respecting and protecting the environment are fundamental values supported by the management and the staff.

Protecting the environment is a concern that goes hand in hand with our corporate mission and values. It is an important and constant value in the operations of our two plants.

The management at Polymos is dedicated to maintain an honest corporate behaviour in a sustainable development context. The managers are accountable for the integrity of all processes. Every employee is made aware of the importance of making good use of raw materials.

Polymos is a team of people invested in the maintenance of a healthy environment:

  • Energy optimization (electricity and natural gas)
  • Recycling of process waters
  • Recycling of manufacturing plastic wastes
  • Recycling of tool shop metals and industrial wastes
  • Recovery of recyclable plastic and paper waste
  • Maintaining a clean and harmonious working environment
  • Establishment of an EPS recycling process for the city of Terrasse-Vaudreuil
  • Rigorous diligence in the respect of environmental standards and exceeding them when possible
  • Promotion of healthy environmental habits to all the employees:
    • Economical management of the electricity thanks to electronically controlled zones
    • Installation of low energy-consumption lightning systems
    • Night and day climate control
    • Energy-efficient computer equipment
    • Reduction, reuse or recycling of office supplies
    • Recovery of recyclable waste
    • Replacing paper with electronic files
    • Purchase of local supplies to reduce the impact of transportation
    • Video conference to minimise the use of vehicles
  • Regular reviews of environmental performances and goals


EPS is almost a perfect material and is composed of 98 % air and 2 % inert plastic. It is harmless for the environment.

Thanks to its insulating properties, EPS has helped reduce energy consumption for the past 65 years. This material, when buried, does not contaminate groundwater, air and soil. EPS does not contain any CFC or HCFC and never has.

WARNINGEPS (expanded polystyrene, typically white) must not be mistaken for XPS (extruded polystyrene, typically blue or pink)