• Structural

Expanded polymers can be used as structural elements in numerous applications.

EPS, as well as our other resins, can be moulded into very precise shapes, in a wide range of density (from 0.75 lb/ft3 to 5 lb/ft3 or 12 g/L to 80 g/L).

The resulting components can either be light and flexible, or rigid and structural. The mechanical properties can be adjusted by changing the parameters of the expansion process.

A multitude of solutions are offered to the engineers and product designers who wish to design a new lightweight, durable and economical structural component. Foam resins are often used as a lightweight core in many different composite materials, such as windmill blades or boat hulls.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an eco-friendly material that combines strength and rigidity. These properties make EPS a perfect material for ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms), used in the construction of concrete houses and buildings for over 40 years. Its mechanical resistance is high enough to withstand the pressure of concrete being poured.

Its strength combined to its lightness also enables it to be used as a lightweight fill, capable of supporting road structures (roads, bridges, overpasses, etc.) for a period of over 100 years.