Expertise and processes

Case studies

  • Landscaping

    Landscaping on the roof of an existing underground parking

  • Seapak

    Insulating shipping packaging ensuring food freshness over long periods without the need for refrigerated containers or trailers.

  • Shower base

    EPS base serving as the structure for showers with a ceramic base.

  • Air exchanger

    Moulded parts forming an integral part of an air exchanger's structure.

  • Multiple apartments building

    EPS can also be used to fill holes in order to save on concrete.

  • Ekösteps

    A true subfloor insulation that provides real and concrete results.

  • UN / Nuclear Packaging

    Packaging protecting, according to international standards, containers containing hazardous products.

  • Quebec's worst drivers

    Decor elements and impact obstacles, needed for filming a TV show.

  • Boat seats

    Boat seats elements.

  • New Highway 30

    How to respond to the need to ensure a high stability and longevity of backfill for interchanges' approaches when the ground's bearing capacity is very weak because of clay?

  • Pharmaceutical / Health

    Insulation packaging to protect vaccines which need to be in a strict range of temperature.

  • Protection

    Parts of hockey goaltenders pads.