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EPP RöllR is an essential accessory for athletes wishing to optimize their performance and the efficiency of their training. It has been designed to condition the muscles before and after the training. The RöllR helps quickly warm up of the muscles before a training session and relax them after the effort by stimulating the natural elimination of the toxins from the muscles. The RöllR is THE perfect accomplice to help optimize your performance.

Conventional stretching before a training session helps gain flexibility and range of motion, but can also cause a loss of strength. Self-massaging with the RöllR prevents that loss of strength.

According to the Strength & Conditioning Research Journal, the latest study shows that 2 to 10 minutes of “foam rolling” before a training session helps the muscles gain range without losing strength. For optimal results, slow movements routines of 30 to 60 seconds per group of muscles are recommended. As for its use after the training, less than 10 minutes with the RöllR are enough to stimulate recovery and decrease muscle pain.

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