Shower base

  • Structural
  • Light
  • Insulation
  • Construction
  • OEM

EPS base serving as the structure for showers with a ceramic base.

  • Objective: Produce highly precise, high density grey EPS panels with multiple converging surfaces for a construction accessories client to facilitate tiles installation in ceramic showers.
  • Challenges:
    • Design a surface on which the cement will stick with the help of mortise joints
    • Insure the precise moulding of high density EPS on parts with many tilted surfaces and irregular profiles
    • Insure the parts’ high dimensional and mechanical integrity
    • Insure high productivity while respecting high standards of aesthetic and dimensional quality
    • Insure a uniform and constant grey coloring
    • Ship daily large quantities of dry, compliant and individually packaged pieces
  • Solutions:
    • Design a modular mould able to produce precise pieces with sharps edges, converging surfaces and perfectly attached
    • Manufacturing a high rigidity equipment that will insure the flatness of the high density EPS surfaces
    • Highly efficient production by optimizing the mould’s thermodynamic efficiency, by minimizing its mass without reducing its mechanical resistance
    • Implementing a faultless drying, assembly and quality control process
  • Result: The quality and precision of the EPS parts provided the ceramic shower installers a quick and efficient solution. Polymos’ client has relied on this quality to build his reputation and therefore surpass his North American commercial forecasts.

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