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  • Food industry

Insulating shipping packaging ensuring food freshness over long periods without the need for refrigerated containers or trailers.

  • Objective: Design an insulating, sturdy, hermetic and low cost packaging that will insure the safe transportation of fish and maintain a high level of freshness during its transit from the processing plant to the consumer.
  • Challenges:
    • Develop an isothermal container able to maintain a temperature close to freezing point for 24 hours, using as little ice as possible
    • Insure the mechanical resistance that enables the stacking up of the boxes to the full trailer height (8 ft)
    • Keep the production costs low to offer an affordable prices
    • Integrate certain characteristics that enable the container to close tightly, to be stacked efficiently, to be handled easily and to resist to shocks during transportation
    • Integrate a water collecting system generated by the melting ice
    • Design optimized dimensions containers for different types of fish
    • Insure the effective and stable placement on pallets
    • Optimize space in the airplane containers
    • Offer a range of dimensions
    • Optimize the packaging methods to reduce cost of transportation from the processing plants
  • Solutions:
    • Develop a range of containers that can contain from 2 kg (5 lbs) to 20 kg (55 lbs) of fresh fish, from the smaller trout to the bigger Atlantic salmon
    • Develop dimensions that can help optimize storage and transportation volume, both by truck and plane
    • Optimized dimensions that can by stacked on standard palettes
    • Load capacity and mechanical resistance adjusted through different levels of thicknesses and densities
    • Ribbed bottom available, to separate the water from the fish
    • Built-in handles to facilitate the handling
    • Built-in ribs to facilitate the installation of closing straps
    • Perfect alignment of the lid of a container with the bottom of another with the help of a clever mounting pad system
  • ResultThe Seapak® range developed by Polymos has allowed the industry to export fish on longer distances and to guarantee its freshness until it reaches destination. Since it started using EPS containers, the food industry has mostly been providing fresh fish instead of frozen products. The introduction of Polymos’ Seapak® has transformed the consumers’ habits by allowing them to enjoy all the flavor of fresh fish.

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