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The Ekösteps® insulating tile has been designed to help reduce the loss of heat through the cold floors of basements, as well as for the soundproofing of upper floors.


  • An expanded polystyrene tilespecially designed to prevent ambient heat loss
  • Made of 96 % of air, the Ekösteps® is an isolating shield between the room and its floor

This HD (high density) EPS tile is easy to install between the cold concrete slab of a basement and the flooring, such as laminate or ceramic tiles. In addition of having an energy gain (20 % to 35 %), it also provides superior comfort, keeping the floor warmer by up to 14 °F (7 °C)! Covering a cold concrete slab with Ekösteps considerably reduces the cost of heating. You save money and help reduce the environmental impacts.


  • Reduces heating fees by controlling heat loss
  • Improves comfort of cold floors by insulating them from subfloor
  • Reduces reverberation of impact noise

The Ekösteps high density insulating tiles provide a thermal resistance of R-3.25 for a thickness of ¾ of an inch. Thanks to its high density, it can easily support heavy loads such as a pool table on a 6 mm-thick laminate floor.


  • Easy to handle: 24” x 24” x ¾” tile dimension
  • Easy assembly: dovetail interlocking (no glue or tools required)
  • Easy to cut: cutting guides at every inch
  • Resilient : High Density EPS (2.75 lb/ft³)
  • Fire resistant : self-extinguishing material
  • Hydrophobic : water resistant
  • Safe : drainage ribs under the tile in case of water infiltration
  • Hygienic : does not promote the growth of mould

1. Temperature on an Ekösteps® insulating tile
2. Temperature on a non-insulated concrete slab


Installation of the Ekösteps under a ceramic floor

Installation of the Ekösteps under a laminate floor

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