Geofoam / Lightweight fill

  • Light
  • Structural
  • Inert
  • Insulation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction

EPS Geofoam blocks are made of 98 % air. This combination of plastic materials and air makes them light and sturdy. The use of Geofoam blocks is the ideal solution for compressible soil that cannot withstand the weight of a conventional backfill. Geofoam blocks are designed to create lightweight fills that meet the requirements of civil engineering and different governments’ authorities.

Geofoam is a product where engineered air allows to build light and solid road structures.

Geofoam blocks are 80 times lighter than usual backfill materials!


  • Lightweight fill in road structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Green roofs
  • Culvert
  • Other needs in weight reduction


  • Adjustable compression resistance, from 75 kPa up to 400 kPa
  • Standard dimensions 24 ” x 48 ” x 96 ”
  • Custom dimensions available upon request
  • Lightweight (20 kg/m³ or 1.25 lb/ft3 for a 100 kPa resistance)
  • Fire resistant, self-extinguishing material
  • Strong, dimensional stability when used according to specifications
  • Stable during the freeze/thaw cycles
  • Durable and inert in the ground, they can last for over 100 years

Because they can be cut into different geometry shapes and sizes, Geofoam blocks can permit architectural shapes on green roofs without increasing the weight. In many cases, structures do not have to be reinforced.

Made of 98 % air, Geofoam is an inert product in the environment. The EPS used in its manufacturing can contain up to 15 % of recycled material. Geofoam is therefore an optimal solution for sustainable development.


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