On June 17, nearly 300 employees gathered at the Polymos head office located in Terrasse-Vaudreuil to celebrate the growth of the company we are all proud to be a part of.

Once arrived, employees from the Granby and Sherbrooke plants and offices were given a warm welcome! The human resources department had organized a bus transportation so that everyone could travel to Vaudreuil with ease. The new team took advantage of this day to visit the 2 plants with volunteer guides in order to understand the facilities, the products, the production processes and the work dynamics.

The staff of our 7 plants and offices then gathered in the park of Terrasse-Vaudreuil to share a festive afternoon! It was an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted and to create synergy within the company. In keeping with Polymos’ traditions, hot dogs were prepared by the senior management team and were served with refreshments to mark this beautiful sunny day.

The day concluded with a moving speech by our CEO Charles Bourbonnais on the history of Polymos, the significance of the acquisition of Polyform and the promising future of the company.

This event marks a new chapter in the history of the Polymos group!