The high precision molds and manufacturing accessories are machined in our specialized workshops. Establishing the initial design parameters of the mould are a critical first step towards the production of quality pieces, throughout the mould’s service life. At Polymos, we guarantee the durability and the efficiency of the molds built by our team.

To ensure optimal productivity, the tools are designed with the collaboration of our production engineers and quality control specialists.

  • Machining centre: Our CNC machining centres allows us to quickly manufacture highly precise components required for our molds. 
  • Programming: To ensure a fast and efficient process, our programmers work hand in hand with our designers from the very beginning of a project. This optimizes the machining process and reduces the tooling cost.
  • Continuous maintenance: A preventive maintenance program ensures that the production equipment is always in perfect operating conditions. This process ensures the constant quality of the end product and reduces the risks of delays in deliveries.
  • Prototyping: This step can be completed in many different ways, depending on the Customer’s requirements: traditional manufacturing and cutting, CNC machining, moulding with experimental tooling, or 3D printing, when possible. The prototypes allow us to check the 3Fs, “Fit/Form/Function”, and to modify accordingly, before production begins.