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A true subfloor insulation that provides real and concrete results.

  • Objective: Develop a tile that is both sturdy and easy to install as an insulating underlayment, between a concrete slab and finished floor.
  • Challenges:
    • Offer an appropriate thermal resistance (R) at a minimum thickness
    • Insure a high compression resistance to support heavy objects such as a pool table, without distortion
    • Design efficient installation tongues & grooves for a quick and cost-effective installation
    • Create a surface that can evacuate water in case of water infiltration or flooding
  • Solutions:
    • High density EPS tile with a 275 kPa compression resistance to support heavy loads
    • Efficient thermal resistance to minimize temperature losses
    • Tongues & grooves concept ensuring a solid anchoring (even in a staggered pattern), to overlap the joints and minimizing losses
    • Integrated visual inch-marked guides on the top of the tile for easy cutting
    • Grooves on the bottom to help evacuate water
  • Results:
    • Convenient dimensions 24 in x 24 in x ¾ in
    • Thermal resistance (R net) of 3.25 for a thickness of ¾ in
    • Increases the floor temperature by at least 5 °C for improved comfort
    • Overall energy consumption of the room reduced by 20 % to 35 %
    • Efficient soundproofing (FIIC of 60) against impact noise (when installed in the upper floors)
    • The Ekösteps tile has proven efficient as an insulating underlayment for hardwood floors and ceramic tiles

Installation videos of Ekösteps®: