Social implication

Conscious of its role in the community, Polymos actively participates in charities, community organizations and local associations that work for noble causes (health, education, arts, sports, social equity, etc.).

Polymos is committed, among other things, to the following organisms and programs:

Projet AquilonUniversité de Sherbrooke

The innovation and the training of the next generation has always been at the core of the values of the team at Polymos and the company has never hesitated to support the innovation demonstrated in sizeable projects. It is with a lot of enthusiasm that we have met the needs of Université de Sherbrooke’s Projet Aquilon team who wished to build an innovative catamaran and improving its performance. Polymos has contributed to the design of the stiff, expanded polymer sail.

Concrete canoe – Polytechnique

That is the challenge students from the Polytechnique decided to take on. They contacted Polymos and thanks to our expertise, they have used our products to shape their idea: a concrete canoe. Not only have they completed their project, the students have even decided to register their creation in an international, inter-university canoe competition.

It is with a lot of pride that they shared with us their international success in multiple competitions. They have found a spot on the podium in almost every category:

  • 1st place : Finished product
  • 3rd place : Oral presentation
  • 3rd place : Technical report
  • 1st place : Endurance race (Women)
  • 2nd place : Endurance race (Men)
  • 1st place : Sprint (Women)
  • 2nd place : Cohesive activity

Palliative care residence in Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Polymos has actively participated in building the residence by providing high efficiency insulation solutions that help reduce the cost of energy and increase the comfort of the residents. This project has been led by the Fondation des soins de santé Vaudreuil-Soulanges that collects donations for people requiring palliative care in the region.

SE2VS ; Synergie Entreprises Emplois Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Management at Polymos is involved with the development of SE2VS since its founding in 2006. SE2VS is a business association in Vaudreuil-Soulanges with the mission of growing and developing a qualified workforce to allow regional corporations to bloom and evolve continuously. Polymos is one of the founding three corporations and remains on the Board to this day. The role played by Polymos is to identify projects that help complete the association’s mission. Today, the group can count on 40 corporate members.


Polymos encourages students (Polytechnique, McGill, Sherbrooke, ETS) in their university projects by providing them with technological and material support. An example of that is the business’ involvement with students from the Polytechnique in the completion of the concrete canoe project, as well as student from Université de Sherbrooke in the manufacturing of a stiff, expanded polymer sail for their catamaran.

Laval Firefighters

Polymos gave to Laval Firefighters EPS blocks to create puzzles for children to play with during a social event. The children enjoyed it a lot and had fun recreating the firefighter images.