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Insulation packaging to protect vaccines which need to be in a strict range of temperature.

  • Objective: Design an isothermal package made of insulating containers with a thermal mass that insures the transportation of vaccines within a very strict range of temperature.
  • Challenges:
    • Develop specific sets to meet different transportation conditions, and maintain a constant temperature range between 36 °F and 46 °F (2 °C – 8 °C) for 24 hours and sometimes more
    • Elaborate concepts that offer optimal thermal performances, keeping the content from heating up in the summer and from freezing in the winter
    • Test each specific set in the same conditions as the ones indicated in the client’s specifications
    • Optimize the containers’ volume to transport the maximum number of useful products
    • Minimize the cost and the weight of the composite packages
  • Solutions:
    • Determine the products’ restrictions and the shipping conditions in order to use an algorithm to calculate the insulating values and thermal masses (cooling or absorbent) depending on the climatic conditions of each route
    • Assemble experimental packages and test them in a laboratory based on the expected conditions
    • Validate assumptions based on lab results and make the appropriate adjustments to optimize productivity of the isothermal packaging
  • Result: Many isothermal packages have been optimized and then approved by an independent laboratory confirming their performance. Each package is supported by a detailed report of the temperatures and transport conditions specific to the client’s specifications.

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