Mini-cellier & Thermo vin

  • Insulation
  • Resilient
  • Light
  • Structural
  • Food industry

Even for wine bottles, EPS has many uses and benefits. Here are two useful products for every wine lover.

Polymos’ Mini-cellier® is designed to be stacked in a stable and modular way. The Mini-cellier® is ideal to build small wine cellars that can grow without limitation. The basic unit, made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) supports three bottles. Many units can be interlocked together for increased capacity with a high modular flexibility.


  • Three bottles per unit (14¼ in x 4¾ in x 12 in)
  • Modular, simple assembly of multiple units
  • Insulating, protects the wine against thermal shocks
  • Corrugated surface for effective interlocking
  • Opaque, protects against the light
  • Resilient, absorbs vibrations
  • Ventilated, minimum ventilation assured
  • Hygienic, inert material (EPS): no mould
  • Adaptable, can easily be inserted into kitchen cabinets

The Thermo-Vin® cylindrical container maintains the temperature of your bottle of wine throughout dinner, without the use of ice. It also serves as an efficient packaging for gifts, offering a protection against impacts, light and thermal variations encountered during transportation.

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