• Resilient

EPS, EPP and EPE are perfect material to absorb impacts.

Expanded polymers provide great protection against impacts. Used as a packaging solution in transportation, or as a component in the manufacturing of sports gear, they combine lightness and resilience to collisions. Whether the impact is small or big, single or repetitive, no matter how fragile the products are or the type of protection that is required, Polymos has an impact energy absorption solution for you.

The mechanical properties of expanded polymers (EPS, EPP and EPE) are perfectly adapted to absorb the energy of impacts of more than 300 Gs! Whether you require protection against a single and high impact, multiple shocks or continuous vibrations, Polymos will provide the solution that will truly meet your needs.

Expanded polymers have already been proven efficient in many different applications, such as:

  • Car bumpers
  • Bicycle helmets (single impact)
  • Hockey helmets (multiple impacts)
  • Fragile electronic equipment packaging (televisions, computers, hazardous liquids in glass containers, fragile instruments, etc.)
  • Packaging of fresh food