As a pioneer in the EPS industry, Polymos’ team has created thousands of innovative solutions since 1969. This expertise makes Polymos the ideal partner in the realization of your projects.

We are committed to meeting our customer’s objectives and their multiple requirements.

  • Engineering: Our engineers’ mission is to understand the customer’s needs in order to come up with different proposals and to ultimately present the one that will perform best. The final concept will be optimized to meet the overall objectives.
  • CAD: Our team’s designers are well-equipped and master the 3D design technologies. They can design entire solutions based on sketches or in simultaneous engineering, using your CAD files.
  • Standards: Whatever the standards, Polymos’ technical team has over 45 years of experience to meet the needs of different industries (construction, pharmaceutical, food, military, automotive, electronics, appliances, nautical, etc.)

Our experts are open minded and creative, which allows them to meet your expectations, whether they are about design, merchandising, transport, storage, costs or environmental concerns. All these parameters are taken into account throughout the different steps of the project: creation, prototype, tools, production, packaging and delivery.

The development process includes different milestones that allow the customer to review the concept and follow the evolution of the project from the beginning to the end.