Multiple apartments building

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  • Civil Engineering

EPS can also be used to fill holes in order to save on concrete.

  • Objective: Level out the sheet pile walls in the foundation to spare concrete and standardize the layers.
  • Challenges:
    • Optimize the use of sheet pile forms by levelling out the thickness of concrete
    • Produce at low cost cut-out pieces of EPS that will perfectly match shapes of the sheet piles
    • Design a solution with as little models of pieces as possible
    • Facilitate handling
    • Insure the quick installation
    • Provide suitable mechanical resistance
  • Solutions:
    • Dimensions that are optimized to meet construction site’s restrictions
    • CNC-cut EPS profile that is perfectly adapted to that of the sheet piles
    • Optimal density that includes the integration of recycled material to save money
  • Result: Less concrete required, translating into a 20 % decrease in costs, without having to modify the quote.